Session 35: Pre-Trial & Mid-Trial Disclosure- Professional Responsibilities of the Prosecutor

On Wednesday June 12, 2013 Matthew Geigen-Miller convened a seasoned and expert panel composed of Deputy Crown Attorney Mark Moors and Assistant Crown Attorney James Cavanagh. The panel offered their insight, expertise and experiences in discussing the disclosure scenarios which were distributed in advance of the session. 

This session has been accredited by the LSUC for 1.0 professionalism hours. Please login to your portal on the LSUC website and log your CPD hours if you were in attendance. 

Pre-Trial and Mid-Trial Discussion Scenarios

Comments on Crown Policy & the Law

Practice Memorandum PM [2006] No 5 Conduct of Witness Interviews

Practice Memorandum PM [2009] No 1 Disclosure

Case Law- Pre & Mid Trial Disclosure