Session 17 & 18: Crossing at Bail (it's wrong to let him out; it's right to keep him in)

This session was an introduction to cross-examination. Bail courts provide crowns with a terrific opportunity to try out various cross-examination techniques. 

This two-part session was practical and case based. MCM-Group members were assigned various roles and provided with materials including excerpts from a transcript of an actual bail hearing conducted by an MCM-Group member. The tasks were as follows:

1. cross-examining the accused on his criminal record

2. cross-examining the accused on his history of treatment

3. cross-examining the accused on his employment

4. cross-examining the surety on her knowledge of the accused's history

5. cross-examining the surety on the release plan

The actual transcript of each cross was provided as a learning guide following the exercise. 

The second of this two-part session addressed the following: 

1. from theme to questions: how to build a line of cross

2. panning for gold: how to execute a probing search for a breakaway while working the edges

A simulated cross by a senior crown was presented as part of the session. 


Session 17 was held on August 8th, 2012 and Session 18 was held on August 15th, 2012. Both these sessions were presented by Matthew Geigen-Miller and Louise Tansey with James Cavanagh supervising. 

Materials cannot be posted as some are subject to a publication ban.