Session 13: Calling the List

This session focusses on the factors prosecutors must consider when prioritizing their trial list. The objective of this meeting is to learn to think critically about what criteria should be taken in to consideration and how to balance the factors. Crowns will be asked apply the factors discussed to sample trial lists (these exercises and the corresponding worksheets can be accessed by clicking on the link below).

Trial preperation of files that are likely to be transferred out of your courtroom is a secondary focus of this session. Crowns will be encouraged to prepare a summary sheet so that the colleague recieving the file will have a concise overview of the case. Please click on the link below to access a sample trial summary sheet.

This session was held on May 29, 2012 and was presented by Matthew Geigen-Miller, Louise Tansey and supervised by James Cavanagh.

Calling the List Exercises & Worksheets

Sample Trial Summary Sheet

Trial Prep Template