Quotable Quotes: Firearm Sentence

In the recent case of R v Truong, 2010 ONSC 7251, 2010 CarswellOnt 10075, [2010] OJ No 5750 Code J offered the following quotable quote at para 17:

In cases involving possession of loaded handguns, like the case at bar, the authorities are clear that exemplary or denunciatory sentences must be imposed because of the grave danger to the public posed by the proliferation of handguns in this city. General deterrence, specific deterrence and denunciation are unquestionably the most important sentencing principles. In this regard, I simply echo and adopt what was said by Armstrong J.A. in R. v. Danvers (2005), 199 C.C.C. (3d) 490 at paras. 77 and 78 (Ont. C.A.): 
There is no question that our courts have to address the principles of denunciation and deterrence for gun related crimes in the strongest possible terms.  The possession and use of illegal handguns in the Greater Toronto Area is a cause for major concern in the community and must be addressed.

DG Mack