News: The 2011 Clawbies

Yes its that time of year again.  No, not Christmas, the Clawbies!  The Clawbies, now in its sixth year, presents awards to recognize "the interesting, innovative, and informative sites that are the Canadian legal blogosphere's best and brightest". 
The Clawbies present awards for the best Canadian law blog, the best new blog and the best practitioner blog. 
Last year Michael Geist won the award for best Canadian law blog.  His blog focuses on copyright and related issues in the law.  Very informative yet easy to read.  A very impressive site indeed.
The award for the best practitioner blog was handed out to three blogs including the "Trial Warrior Blog" by Antonin Pribetic.  The range of topics on this blog is diverse but very interesting.  Check out the latest blog entitled Wrongfully Convicted Man Released Thanks to "Spectacularly Incompetent" Lawyers.
The award for best new blog was also handed out to three blogs.  One of them is Adam's Law Blog.  A very to the point and interesting blog for criminal lawyers written by Adam Goodman.   
Its impressive to see so many informative and quality Canadian law blogs and nice to see them recognized.  Good luck to everyone for the 2011 awards!
DG Mack