Session 32: The Honourable Justice Pelletier

On April 23, 2013 the Honourable Justice Pelletier, former crown turned Superior Court Judge presided over a joint federal and provincial MCM-Group meeeting. Justice Pelletier spoke candidly about the conduct of a good examination in chief and effective submissions on short non-trial proceedings. Justice Pelletier kindly welcomed questions and ideas from the largest audience at an MCM-session to date. 

Although no materials were distributed the session was accredited by the LSUC for 1.0 professionalism hours. Please do login to your LSUC profile and update your CPD accordingly if you were in attendance.

Session 10: Your First Jury Trial

This special session of MCM-Group was presided over by The Honourable Justice Aitken of the Superior Court of Justice. The focus of this session is to develop best skills and practices when running your first jury trial. Justice Aitken shared her insights and offered constructive criticism about the conduct of junior counsel before the SCJ. Justice Aitken also fielded questions from the group.

This session was held on March 28, 2012 and was organized by Louise Tansey. It was presided over by Justice Aitken.



Session 7: Appearing Before the OCJ

This was a special session of MCM-Group. The Honourable Justice Nadelle of the Ontario Court of Justice spoke to MCM-Group about his own personal likes and dislikes in trials and guilty plea court. Justice Nadelle offered insight, constructive criticism and fielded questions from the crowns.

This session was held on January 28, 2012 and was organized by Louise Tansey and James Cavanagh and presided over by Justice Nadelle.

OCJ Perspectives- suggested talking points