Session 27: Monster Mash-Up

This session was held on January 30, 2013. Given the influx of new members this session was intended to cover a variety topics already presented at earlier MCM-sessions. 

Assistant Crown Attorney and original MCM-Group member Fara Rupert presented an excellent demonstration of a witness prep (ideal and less so). Fara was ably aided (and abeted) by Deputy Crown Attorney Mark Moors. The demonstration spurred some excellent debate, one which has been and continues to be of interest at MCM group about what a Crown can, should and should not do in a prep meeting. 

Assistatn Crown Attorney Matthew Geigen-Miller then presented on the use of magic words in impaired and over 80 cases. Matthew's presentation involved real life examples from actual cases and most helpfully what the Crown can do to try to save the day. 

Sh*t Cops Say- No Magic Words Required

Session 9: Impaired/Over 80/ Refusals

This session will focus on the alcohol related driving offences. These types of trials are some of the most technical to prosecute. They are also the types of offences that junior crowns have the most opportunity to run trials on. More often than not when these types of offences go to trial there is a Charter motion, this carries some unique considerations for the trial crown.

This session was held on March 5, 2012 and lead by Sarah Fountain with Mark Moors supervising.