Session 45: Charter Response

On January 15, 2014 Assistant Crown Attorney Matthew Geigen-Miller, supervised by Assistant Crown Attorney James Cavangh, presented MCM's 1st session of 2014. The Charter response session included the following components:

1.What is a Charter response?

2.The “quick Charter response”

3.Preparing the Charter response in six steps

a.Identify the Charter claim(s) 

b.Read the whole file 

c.Assess the evidence 

d.Draft the detailed statement of facts 

e.Draft the argument on the alleged breaches 

f.Draft the argument on 24(2)

4.Good form

5.Good substance

6.Acting as the reviewing Crown where the Charter response has been delegated to a student


The Charter Response- Powerpoint presentation

Session 24: The Law is for Chumps- you need better evidence- Improving Charter Responses with Evidence

On December 5, 2012 MCM-Group co-founder and repeat presenter MGM delivered a seminal MCM session on How to Woodshed (in a good/permissible/legal way) a Charter Response. The session covered the importance of prepping your witnesses, especially police witnesses on the Charter issues. There was some fierce debate on where the line is and should be when it comes to prepping such witnesses. The session was supervised by ACA Cavanagh. 

 Of note this was the session with the longest title so far... 

Although a sample Charter responses were discussed no materials were distributed at this session.