The Minor Case Management Group is composed of Assistant Crown Attorneys dedicated to the improvement of prosecutorial advocacy skills. From remand court appearances to the conduct of a case before a judge and jury, no issue, task or crime is too small for the MCM-Group.

MCM Group has been meeting bi-weekly since August 2011. Each session is lead by a group member and presided over by an experienced Assistant Crown Attorney. Presenters generally prepare take away materials in the form of research memoranda and slideshow presentations.

Special sessions of MCM-Group have featured members of the local police force and the judiciary from both the Ontario Court of Justice and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

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The Rules

MCM-Group sessions are governed in accordance with the rules stipulated below:

1. What happens at MCM-Group stays at MCM-Group

Practice Note: MCM sessions are a safe place for young crowns to share their mistakes and missteps free from judgement and with the benefit of input from senior crown counsel. We all make mistakes MCM group is a forum in which we can all benefit from learning from those brave enough to confess an error and wise enough to seek the guidance of their peers. 

2. Be on time, don’t leave early-unless you really have to.

Practice Note: We get it, you’re busy, we’re busy too. Sessions are fact driven, we cover the facts first; presenters took the time to put something together, stay ‘til the end.

3. There are no stupid questions, ideas or comments.

Practice Note: The quality of these sessions depends on people contributing; no idea- ahem no crime- is too small for MCM-Group. 

4. Use materials handed out at MCM-Group wisely.

Practice Note: Some presenters may decide to hand out materials: a summary of the facts, a list of annotations, a fully integrated multi-media presentation. None of these materials may be distributed outside MCM-Group without first consulting and getting the express permission of the author.

Also verify materials before putting them to use as they are not updated once published on the website.