Current & Curious: When you are driving around with a gun in your pants you would be well advised to keep within the speed limit!

Courtney Newell was charged with possession of a loaded handgun and marijuana. The only issue at trial was whether the police infringed Newell’s Charter rights: 2012 ONSC 2947.


Two Toronto police officers were patrolling a neighbourhood on bicycle where there had recently been several complaints about young people smoking marijuana in the area. At about 10 am they heard tires squealing. Both saw a Ford Focus travelling at a high rate of speed and with music blaring. There were children and pedestrians in the area; they decided to investigate.

Newell was the driver. No one else was in the car. Police approached and asked Newell for his license and registration, to which Newell responded that the vehicle was a rental in his fiancée’s name. Officers informed Newell of why he was being stopped and noticed that that Newell was sweating heavily, shaking and appeared nervous. Officers were able to confirm that the vehicle was a rental.

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