New & Notable: Justice may be blind but you don’t need to wear blinders

Richard Vader had a lot of guns and ammo.  At the time that Vader had these guns and ammo he was bound by two prohibition orders, banning him from possessing any of these items. At his trial Vader conceded that he was in fact in possession of the firearms and ammo when he was prohibited from doing so. The only issues at trial was whether Vader’s statements to police were admissible and whether the arsenal guns and ammo should be excluded from evidence due to alleged breaches of Vader’s Charter rights: 2012 ONSC 5418.


On October 4th, 2011 Vader was driving a pick-up truck. Given that he had seven firearms and ammunition in the truck with him, he probably should’ve replaced his burnt out headlight before going for a drive, but instead Vader was intercepted by Officer Roughley.

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