News: Another interesting top ten list

In October I blogged about a criminal law blog that regularly posts top ten lists related to criminal law: Interesting and unique read at criminal justice blog.  A recent post lists the top ten crimes committed during the holidays.  Not surprisingly, but sadly, two of the most common offences in the criminal justice system are on the list - impaired driving at #4 and domestic violence at #10.  Wonder what #1 is?  Check it out
DG Mack

News: Interesting and Unique Read at Criminal Justice Blog

I recently did a lecture on wrongful convictions in the context of forensic sciences.  Coincidentally, I was just referred to another blog that has a list of "10 Infamous Inmates Who Were Wrongly Convicted".  I checked out the site and there are a few other very interesting blogs too.  Most recently there is one on "10 Teachers Who Turned Into Infamous Criminals"; check out the story on Albert Fentress, #2 on the list. 
Check out other posts including "10 Incredible Facts About the Criminal Brain" and the lighter post on "How to Survive Prison".  I have included a link to the blog post in my links page: "Criminal Justice Degrees Guide Blog".

DG Mack