New & Notable: Here's hoping he gets this message

In November 2011, Agnieszka Mikulska sought a roommate in an ad on the internet.  Within a month, her worst nightmare had come true.  Patrick Doherty had responded to the ad.  Ms. Mikulska chose someone else – perhaps not surprisingly, another woman.  Doherty began a shocking stalking campaign that resulted in his March 2012 conviction for criminal harassment, two counts of attempting to obstruct justice and two counts of breaching a court order.   He was sentenced to 5 ½ years in jail.  He appealed.  He lost: 2012 ONCA 855.


The harassment started shortly after Ms. Mikulska made her decision not to live with Doherty.  It started with verbal abuse, threatening comments, multiple phone calls, showing up at her home and leaving notes.  Shaken, Ms. Mikulska called police.  The police intervened with Doherty and told him to stay away from her.

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