Session 63: Offence Tune-Up: Robbery

On April 7th, 2015 Ms Tara MacDougall made her MCM debut with a rousing presentation on the offence of robbery. Ably assisted by Matthew Geigen-Miller, MCM'ers learned of the various definitions of robbery and the corresponding sections of the Code. A great discussion ensued about the most common errors and oversights made during an initial review of a robbery file. 

Offence Tune-Up: Robbery pwrpt

Offence Tune-Up: Robbery attendance sheet


Session 62: Section 530 & French Language Rights

On March 25th, 2015 Andrea Levans ably supervised by Caroline Thibault pulled off an MCM first: a session dedicated to the other official language. Andrea navigated us through the pitfalls and dangers of taking this stuff too lightly and warned us all of the severe consequences of failing to abide by section 530. If you had any doubt just how important this stuff is look no further to the fact that Ottawa Crown's office VIP Crown Vikki Bair was in attendance. 

Section 530: French Language Rights & Criminal Law 


Session 60: Xmas Xtravaganza

On December 17, 2014 MCM hosted it's third XTRAVAGANZA. Dallas Mack attended and spoke candidly and with helpful powerpoint presentations from actual prosecutions about presenting cell phone evidence in court. There were of course sliders. 


Session 57: Charter Litigation in the OCJ

On Wednesday October 22, 2014 Matthew Geigen-Miller presented another riveting session on the Charter application. This session was supervised by James Cavanagh and accredited for .5hrs of professionalism content.


Charter Litigation in the OCJ pwrpt (to be posted shortly) 

Attendance Sheet (to be posted shortly)