Designed to be the first, quick-reference resource for trial lawyers and judges, Mack's Criminal Law Trial Book - 2014 Edition seeks to provide a quick answer on issues as they arise during trial proceedings, or a starting point for more in-depth research in preparation for a trial. 

Organized in a logical and easily accessible fashion reflecting the chronology of a criminal trial process - including bail, evidence, Charter, trials and sentencing - each section of Mack's Criminal Law Trial Book - 2014 Edition covers a number of legal issues from a variety of topics. Under each issue, concise summaries of the law with references to the relevant cases (with pinpoint citations) that support the summary are provided. The summaries then string together ratios and points from the various cases into a cohesive statement of the law.

With its cohesive and concise summaries of legal issues from a wide range of topics, organized in a logical and easily accessible fashion, Mack's Criminal Law Trial Book is sure to be an ideal trial companion for busy practitioners. Order your copy here




Mack's Criminal Law Bulletin 

Published by Carswell and available online through Westlaw Canada's CriminalSoruce the Bulletin offers bi-weekly commentary on recent treatment of various criminal law issues relevant to criminal law practitioners and judges across Canada.  Each Bulletin is focused on a particular issue and highlights recent jurisprudential treatment of that issue with a summary of the facts and comments on the ruling. 

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